The ABM Hunting Outfitter was established in 1995 as a company to work related with hunting operations and in the business advisory and consulting segment of hunting and outdoor sports. His creator and owner Alvaro Barcellos Souza Mouawad, is a professional in this segment since 1986.


Among the companies and hunting related organizations that Alvaro serves or served can be highlighted the Brazilian Cartridges Company – CBC, one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world., The Orvis Company Inc, Lowrance Inc, Plano Molding Company, O.Mustad & Sons, Savage Adventures, Puerto Lussich Lodge, Bergen Corporation, CazaTur Argentina, Senter Boats Ltda, Normark Corporation. as well as the publishing companies like Group 1 Publisher, Almeida Prado & Conceição, Free Life Productions and Zillig Publisher. about002

During several years Alvaro was the executive director of the Projeto Pro Fauna, Brazil’s #1 hunters organization. Since 1997 he is the executive director of SBCF, a brazilian nonprofit organization dedicated to the enviromental conservation, wildlife research projects and hunters education.Also since 1999 he acts as a board’s consultant to the FGCT / Southern Brazil Shooters and Hunters Federation. Providing services to hunters and private companies since its foundation  ABM Hunting Outfitter was later, in 2002, been formally characterized its recognized expertise in such specialized services for creating and developing projects with brazilian federal agencies as EMBRATUR, IBAMA and by the UNDP (Program to Development of United Nations).

In professional activities or following his passion Alvaro toured several countries in North America, South America, Europe and China. After years of hunting and traveling around the world, Alvaro, because waterfowl and retrievers gun dogs are his true passion, started in 2005, in Uruguay, the company Lake Merin Duck Lodge and built, with his friend and partner Fernando Hubner Rosales,  a lodge built especially for duck hunters on the edge of the Laguna Merin. Ten years later the lodge became a private duck club, The Lake Merin Duck Club restricted by eight members.

In 2015 the ABMoutfitter became a sales agent to the South America market of the Mudhole Duck Club, located in Orrick,MO.Since 2000 Alvaro hunts in US each year.

In 2016 the ABMoutfitter build a partnership with Eduardo Gonzales, one of the most traditional South America wingshooting outfitters to operate four lodges in Uruguay: The Fortin Lodge, The Lagunita Duck Lodge,The Tany Lodge and The Winery Hunting Lodge.

 Life is all about passion, when you have passion you can accomplish the unthinkable.  And for Alvaro wingshooting  is his greatest passion!