Our Lake Merin Duck Lodge goal since our opening in 2005 is provide to hunters a true hunting experience. Duck hunting in our selected areas is the real thing. Hunters will enjoy hunt in natural marshes, lagoons and ponds. All with professional staff support and lodging facilities in our own property. With over 29,000 acres of private hunting land hunters will find everything from the first flights of Rosy Billed Pochards to the last huge flocks of White Faced Duck and Yellow Billed Pintails along with some of the largest concentrations of waterfowl in Uruguay. Duck hunting with LMDL offer a South America hunting experience unlike no other.

Lake Merin Duck Lodge provides lodging right in the middle of thousands of acres of marshes, rice fields and lagoons. We build our lodge in the border of the Laguna Merin, a huge lagoon circled by marshlands, rice fields and hundreds of small rivers and bays, in the in the most productive region of the country for duck hunting.

The main facility has all the comforts that one would expect at a high quality hunting operation in South America. Two great living rooms has huge fireplaces for evening enjoyment, and for discussing the day's hunting experiences. The living rooms also has satellite television, DVD player, and wifi free internet access for personal notebooks and tablets. Other features of the main lodge include spacious dinning facilities, bar & card playing area. Each guest rooms in that sleep two people per room, have private bathrooms, air conditioned hot and cold, confy beds and personal refrigerator for the hunters drinks.

The schedule during a typical day with us is the follow:

Hunters wake you up at 5:00 AM (earlier if necessary) and at this time the breakfast is served. Depending on the time of the year, we are in the 4WD truck on the way to the blind by 5:30/5:45AM. The drive to the duck blinds takes about 20 minutes average. The morning hunt ends at 10:00am. Hunters return to the lodge for appetizers and refreshments. After lunch, hunters can take siestas, or just relax until the afternoon shoot. The PM shoot begins at about 4:00 PM and is always conducted in different areas. Hunters head back to the lodge at dark, and appetizers and premium drinks are on the table. A dinner follows, and of course, many tales of the day's take.

One of the main reasons why Uruguay duck populations are so abundant and hunting is so satisfying is the fact that hunting pressure, for all practical purposes, is almost non-existent. This would necessarily lead to the thought that in Uruguay, unlike the U.S., duck hunting has not been in their tradition as much as upland bird hunting (two types of perdiz), small game (hares) and big game (various deer, feral hogs and wild boars). In Uruguay duck-hunting pressure from locals virtually non-existent. Therefore the only hunting pressure there is comes from visiting hunters. And this means that actual overall duck hunting pressure in Uruguay is, by any standards, very low.

Come and experience the amazing duck hunting that Uruguay has to offer!

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