The LAKE MERIN DUCK CLUB  was at first a hunting operation and lodge since 2005 open to all hunters that make reservations and come hunt. Since 2016, September the operation became a private duck club and the lodge transformed in a clubhouse restricted to only eight  Members and special guests. A select group of passionate like-minded duck hunters that appreciate the outdoors and unique rich camaraderie only experienced by spending extensive time together in the great outdoors, specifically, a duck blind. Members will enjoy  hunt in natural marshes, lagoons and ponds.

All with a professional staff support and lodging facilities in the  property. Members will find everything from the first flights of Rosy Billed Pochards to the last huge flocks of White Faced Duck and Yellow Billed Pintails along with some of the largest concentrations of waterfowl in Uruguay. The clubhouse is located right in the middle of thousands of acres of marshes, rice fields and lagoons. At Lake Merin Duck Club safety is paramount. 

The actions and attitude of each Member and guest will reflect “safety” as the highest priority of LMDC. Be a LMDC member is a privilege. Because there is no greater thrill to a waterfowler than to have ducks decoy to your own private duck club!